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Psychic Protection

by on Aug.04, 2013, under Living life as a Psychic


Being spiritual can also mean you are more open to negativity. We all need psychic protection and if you are looking to develop your psychic skills, it is even more important.  Here is a basic psychic protection that will provide some protection and is easy to do.  I imagine a sphere, like a big gerbil ball, around me…in-casing all of me….and about the size of my arms stretched out.  I ask God (please use the name of your Higher Power) to surround me in his pink light of love and I imagine a ‘gerbil ball’ of pink quartz surrounding me. I then ask for His white light of protection to surround me and I imagine white crystal on top of the pink quartz. Then I imagine on top of the white crystal a mirror facing outwards….doing this will deflect any negativity  and you do not acquire any bad karma by sending it back or ‘getting revenge’. 🙂  Once you put this protection up….it stays up until you ask that it be removed. If you are going into a situation that you know is going to be negative you can repeat the above for a little ‘re-enforcement’.  After putting my protection up I have seen people avoid ‘entering’ my ‘gerbil ball’ of protection. 😀


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Do they love me?

by on Oct.24, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

“Love” is one of the top questions asked of me in a reading. The words “I love you” are easy to say, but harder to back up with actions. Men and women may speak a different “language” from each other but “actions” are universal. Advice I give to those that ask “Do they love me” is “IF they do something to you, that you would NOT do to them….they neither care about or love you.”  This goes for any relationship….family, friendship or romance.  This does not mean you are unlovable, it is their issues that keep them from loving you. You also have to be honest with yourself….it is hard to let go of love, even if one sided. But..if you don’t let it go, you will not make room for the real love that will come into your life.  Be honest and do not make excuses as to why they treated you in a way you would not treat them. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Judge not least ye be judged

by on Oct.16, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

“Sounds to me llike you need to read your Bible and develop a relationship with God instead of the devil.”

This was sent to me by a person on FB who knows nothing about me. When I was in the second grade I had a near death experience. I met God. I have never wavered in my belief in God. On the other side there is so much love and acceptance…nothing else. God Loves and Accepts EVERYONE. We were made in ‘His Image’ not so much as how he looks…but more of His Light, the capacity to love and accept. He wants us to lift each other up, not judging, shaming and guilting. He wants us to LOVE and ACCEPT, as it is in Heaven.

God gave me the gift of sight and being able to connect to the other side. I help guide people, I help people connect with loved ones that they need to get messages from. HOW is this evil? In the Bible there are many examples of people getting messages from God and Angels…why can’t we still get them? I try to help people. I am not perfect so I am sure there have been times in my life that I have hurt people, but not through my gift.
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Being a Psychic Parent

by on Aug.14, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

I have five kids. I love them with everything I have. I am sure they would tell you that being raised by a psychic is not all fun and games. 😉 I always knew where my kids were and what they were doing. So much so that I would tell them “Quit doing this and don’t even think about doing that” type of thing. They thought this was normal….for a while. When my kids started going over to friends’ homes, it started dawning on them. They would come home and tell me that their friends got away with everything! Why didn’t their parents stop them? How could they not know?  They were starting to see that most parents did not know what their kids were doing or plotting. As my kids’ friends found out that I was psychic, they would tell my kids how lucky they were to have a psychic as a mom. My kids would respond with…”you don’t live with her”.  😉

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Crossing over….and coming back.

by on May.29, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

When I was in the 2nd grade I contracted what everyone was referring to as the ‘Hong Kong flu’. At least that is what my memory tells me. There was a very high fever and lots of congestion. My mom did home remedies, I am sure with five kids it was an impossible cost to take us to the Dr. I didn’t want to do anything…just laid there. The other kids were not allowed around me, in fear they would catch it too. I didn’t want to eat, drink or watch TV….just laid there dazed, half asleep and half unable to breath. One night I had a dream, at least that is what I figured it was being a seven year old. It was dark….could not see anything but this very white bridge. (I was surprised I could see the bridge because all my life I have been night blind) I walked over to the bridge…decided to cross over it. Once I got to the other side of the bridge…..everything was bright. Bright is not the correct word…more brilliant. The colors were beyond what I had ever seen before or since. There were many people walking over to say hi to me. I felt like I should know them…but on the other hand..I didn’t. I was not afraid, everyone was smiling at me. I felt only love and acceptance, more than I could imagine was possible. It felt soooo good! I didn’t want to leave. No one really talked, but I knew what they were thinking as well as they knew what I was thinking. Thoughts were bouncing back and forth, no need for words. They all brought me over to someone sitting in a chair/throne. I knew Him as Jesus. (the name I knew Him by from my time on earth) He was explaining to me, again…no words just thoughts….that I had to go back. He knew I didn’t want to go back. The feeling from everyone was overwhelming…in a very good way. He told me that my mom needed me it was not my time to leave yet. After he let me know that, I knew I had to go back.  He also told me that I needed to let my mom know that I was ok. This was in the middle of the night. It was a rule in our house….NEVER I mean NEVER, wake up my mom unless you absolutely had to and if you had to, you better have had made some coffee!! But…I was ‘reassured’ it would be ok. So…..I got off the couch where I had been sleeping for the last week….walked slowly into my mom and dad’s room. Shook my mom a little and asked her if I could have a glass of milk. I loved milk as a kid and the only time I didn’t drink it was when I was sick. I would choose milk over soda most of the time. My mom got up…and just as I had been reassured it would be ok…my mom gave me a hug…long one…and got me some milk….with tears in her eyes.  Now…when I connect to the other side for someone…so they can get a message from their loved ones….I get that feeling, if even for a brief moment, of complete love and acceptance. Also because of this experience….I have never questioned that God does exist. Others may call Him by a different name….but He does exist.

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by on May.27, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

As a child, our family moved around a lot. My dad worked for FAA and to ‘move up’ the option was to ‘move away’.  I went to 13 different schools before I graduated. I got to see first hand that people are different. From state to state, from big city to small town…all different.  In every place I lived…I was considered the ‘different’ one. Not because of my gifts…but because of the way I spoke, the foods I liked, family traditions, the way I looked. I learned not to judge people by these standards…but how they treated me and others.  This too was instilled by my parents. They didn’t judge people by the usual standards so neither did we.  I do have an advantage in the fact that most of the time I know what others truly are. I know if they like me or dislike me. I do not let on that I know…I just file it away. I know when someone is lying to me. (I have to tell you…my kids did not like this gift…but I will get into that more later 😉 haha)  I was asked often if I would have preferred to live in one house for my entire life. My instant response was, “I would not know how that felt so I can’t say”.  But…the question always nagged my brain….how different would I have been IF I lived in one house my entire childhood? And every time I come up with….I learned so much from moving around. That people are different even in America. I know how it feels to be judged for all the wrong reasons, to have rumors told and heard before you even met anyone, to be liked or disliked not because of who you really are…but because of what other perceive you to be.  I learned not to do this to others…not to judge. Even if I don’t agree with their actions, they may have their reasons.  As a psychic, you can not judge. It is important to have your own moral code and stick to it. But… I am the only one that needs to be held at my standards. This is why I do not regret moving around so much, it reinforced that judging is not a good thing for anyone.

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Earliest memory

by on May.26, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

I am the middle of five kids…yeah…the ignored child 😉  (I ended up having five kids also. Now I understand my mom’s frazzled looks. haha!) One of my first memories of what I refer to as ‘#1 Look’…craaazy!…was when I was very young…about 3 to 4?  My parents had company over. Of course all of the kids were banished to their rooms to play while the grown-ups talked. I had gone in the kitchen to get a drink and on the way back to my room my mom asked me what we were doing? (as parents we know something is going on when it is too quiet…I am positive this was the reason for the inquiry) I turned and told my mom that we were playing a game with the nice man in our room. Turned and walked back to the room to continue the game.  Look #1 came from the company after they came back to the room to see that three kids were playing and no one else was there.  My parents investigated the house we were living in…and there had been a suicide in the house….the man looked just as I described him. I have to say, kudos for my parents for not assuming it was my imagination or telling me not to tell stories like that. I still felt ‘normal’. 🙂 Of course…not sure the company ever came back over….. 😉

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by on May.25, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic


I am Psychic. It took me many years to admit this out loud…let alone on the web! 😉 When I was young, my parents did not let on that I was ‘different’.  To them…I was ‘normal’.  For years I was under the impression that everyone could get answers just by hearing what someone asked,  knowing if someone was lying from just hearing them talk,  feeling where someone hurt by standing next to them,  feeling a building, hearing/seeing spirits…..and so much more.  Throughout the years when I would give information that was nagging at me, I would get one of three basic reactions. #1: the Are you crazy? #2: Are you Evil? and #3 How did you know? Personally…I like the 3rd look the best…who likes to be categorized as crazy or evil?  I am FAR from ‘normal’ but I am also far from ‘crazy’ and/or ‘evil’.  Ok, ok….maybe just a little crazy. 😉   I have had to teach myself about protections….how to develop my gifts…learn as much as I could…on my own. I do feel that I have had a step up on most…because my parents never told me I was not hearing things, did not know things or that it was my imagination. I never had to overcome doubts that I was not who I am. I want to help people find their own gifts as well as help people through life, help guide them.  Welcome to my life! 🙂

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