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Earliest memory

by on May.26, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

I am the middle of five kids…yeah…the ignored child 😉  (I ended up having five kids also. Now I understand my mom’s frazzled looks. haha!) One of my first memories of what I refer to as ‘#1 Look’…craaazy!…was when I was very young…about 3 to 4?  My parents had company over. Of course all of the kids were banished to their rooms to play while the grown-ups talked. I had gone in the kitchen to get a drink and on the way back to my room my mom asked me what we were doing? (as parents we know something is going on when it is too quiet…I am positive this was the reason for the inquiry) I turned and told my mom that we were playing a game with the nice man in our room. Turned and walked back to the room to continue the game.  Look #1 came from the company after they came back to the room to see that three kids were playing and no one else was there.  My parents investigated the house we were living in…and there had been a suicide in the house….the man looked just as I described him. I have to say, kudos for my parents for not assuming it was my imagination or telling me not to tell stories like that. I still felt ‘normal’. 🙂 Of course…not sure the company ever came back over….. 😉

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