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by on May.25, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic


I am Psychic. It took me many years to admit this out loud…let alone on the web! 😉 When I was young, my parents did not let on that I was ‘different’.  To them…I was ‘normal’.  For years I was under the impression that everyone could get answers just by hearing what someone asked,  knowing if someone was lying from just hearing them talk,  feeling where someone hurt by standing next to them,  feeling a building, hearing/seeing spirits…..and so much more.  Throughout the years when I would give information that was nagging at me, I would get one of three basic reactions. #1: the Are you crazy? #2: Are you Evil? and #3 How did you know? Personally…I like the 3rd look the best…who likes to be categorized as crazy or evil?  I am FAR from ‘normal’ but I am also far from ‘crazy’ and/or ‘evil’.  Ok, ok….maybe just a little crazy. 😉   I have had to teach myself about protections….how to develop my gifts…learn as much as I could…on my own. I do feel that I have had a step up on most…because my parents never told me I was not hearing things, did not know things or that it was my imagination. I never had to overcome doubts that I was not who I am. I want to help people find their own gifts as well as help people through life, help guide them.  Welcome to my life! 🙂

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