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About Sherry

Let me tell you a little about me. I am 8th generation
psychic and healer. Both of my parents had these
gifts that were passed down to them from our
ancestors.We are Native American.
I am:

  • Clairaudient (hear things)
  • Clairvoyant (see things)
  • Clairscent (smell things)
  • Clairsentient (feel things)
  • Clairempathic (feel what others feel)
  • Claircognizance (knowing)
  • Dream Interpreter
  • Medium (get messages from the other side)
  • Healer, I am a Reiki Master

When I look at a picture it is like a mini movie.
I see what a person is really like.
I am honest—I won’t tell you something just to make you happy.
I only will tell you what I see.
I tell the good, and the not so good—but if I do see negative,
I will tell you what is the best course of action to make it as positive as possible.
I do care about you and want to help as much as I can.

Blessings and Smiles!

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