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I am Native American, born and raised on the reservations by my great grandparents. As a child I had very little contact with other children because of the legacy my great grandmother passed on to me. My Grandmother felt that too much interaction would taint my visions. I have been in tune to many of the psychic qualities since I can remember.

This comes as natural as breathing to me.

One of my first prophetic dreams was a house fire with lives lost.The detail was intense and horrifying. Gram was busy the next morning and I did not have the opportunity to talk to her. I walked to school (4th grade) and to my horror the house on the corner was burned. I had a hard time understanding why I could see things and others couldn’t.

While working during the summer at a resort, one of my friends came into the office. At that moment I saw a vision; him wearing a green shirt and driving his fathers car over a cliff with a female passenger. When he got the desk where I was, he could see I was visibly shaken. I told him what I saw because I was so afraid he would die. He laughed at me and said he has his own car and does not drive his fathers and doesn’t talk to that girl anymore. My greatest fear was out—Later that week my friend came into the resort, white as a ghost, dirty, wearing the shirt I saw him in going over the cliff. He demanded I tell him everything I saw again. I repeated all I knew…..the silence was thick with emotion. He said shakily that it all happened as I saw but when he and the girl went over the cliff—they hit a small tree that stopped them from going into the ocean to their death. Within hours the story was out and people would look in fear and stare at me. I was 16—life has never be the same.

I provide a clear quality reading to help you make those important decisions in your life. You are ultimately in control of your future. Let me help you find the way.

Please keep in mind that we may be in different time zones—it might be in the middle of the night here when you send it to me. For live reading over Yahoo Chat, MSN or Skype.

If you live in the United States or have Skype I can call you.

I will complete any information in process as given even if it goes over time at no additional expense..I guarantee your time paid for or more.

For legal purposes, this is for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied. Must be 18yrs or older. Please consult a doctor about any health concerns.

Tres Whitewolf

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