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Crossing over….and coming back.

by on May.29, 2011, under Living life as a Psychic

When I was in the 2nd grade I contracted what everyone was referring to as the ‘Hong Kong flu’. At least that is what my memory tells me. There was a very high fever and lots of congestion. My mom did home remedies, I am sure with five kids it was an impossible cost to take us to the Dr. I didn’t want to do anything…just laid there. The other kids were not allowed around me, in fear they would catch it too. I didn’t want to eat, drink or watch TV….just laid there dazed, half asleep and half unable to breath. One night I had a dream, at least that is what I figured it was being a seven year old. It was dark….could not see anything but this very white bridge. (I was surprised I could see the bridge because all my life I have been night blind) I walked over to the bridge…decided to cross over it. Once I got to the other side of the bridge…..everything was bright. Bright is not the correct word…more brilliant. The colors were beyond what I had ever seen before or since. There were many people walking over to say hi to me. I felt like I should know them…but on the other hand..I didn’t. I was not afraid, everyone was smiling at me. I felt only love and acceptance, more than I could imagine was possible. It felt soooo good! I didn’t want to leave. No one really talked, but I knew what they were thinking as well as they knew what I was thinking. Thoughts were bouncing back and forth, no need for words. They all brought me over to someone sitting in a chair/throne. I knew Him as Jesus. (the name I knew Him by from my time on earth) He was explaining to me, again…no words just thoughts….that I had to go back. He knew I didn’t want to go back. The feeling from everyone was overwhelming…in a very good way. He told me that my mom needed me it was not my time to leave yet. After he let me know that, I knew I had to go back.  He also told me that I needed to let my mom know that I was ok. This was in the middle of the night. It was a rule in our house….NEVER I mean NEVER, wake up my mom unless you absolutely had to and if you had to, you better have had made some coffee!! But…I was ‘reassured’ it would be ok. So…..I got off the couch where I had been sleeping for the last week….walked slowly into my mom and dad’s room. Shook my mom a little and asked her if I could have a glass of milk. I loved milk as a kid and the only time I didn’t drink it was when I was sick. I would choose milk over soda most of the time. My mom got up…and just as I had been reassured it would be ok…my mom gave me a hug…long one…and got me some milk….with tears in her eyes.  Now…when I connect to the other side for someone…so they can get a message from their loved ones….I get that feeling, if even for a brief moment, of complete love and acceptance. Also because of this experience….I have never questioned that God does exist. Others may call Him by a different name….but He does exist.

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